Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a highly customizable system. Not only you can modify different sections of the product, you can also create new components to address business needs. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform offers a robust set of tools and APIsthat helps you build custom business applications. In this course you will learn about customizations on the system involving UI changes with JavaScript as well as custom coding part using .net environment.

Course Content for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Module 1: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Concepts

This module provides a high-level overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and describes ways to navigate the application.

Module 2: Working with the Application

This module explains how customer records are used in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It describes how addresses, notes, attachments, connection records, and activities are recorded in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how to configure personal options.

Module 3: Working with Records

This module describes views and how to filter views. It further explains ownership of records, how to share records, how to delete and edit multiple records, how to import records, and how to run a mail merge.

Module 4: Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook

This module explains how to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook, how to manage tracked items, how records are synchronized from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Outlook, how conditional formatting can be applied to lists of records, and how Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook offline capability works.

Module 5: Searching and Reporting

This module describes ways to find and report on data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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