Our master level training classes are aimed squarely at project team members (IT staff and key business users).Our training courses feature frequent hands-on exercises that are fully documented with step by step screen shots, and text that clarifies what (and why) we are going through each step. You’ll learn the basics, the advanced tips, and the gotchas to avoid. Our detailed training manuals will serve as a useful resource to help you sustain the knowledge you acquire during class. The backbone of any growing company is its people and their ability to move up or in the organization. At Tek Associates, we offer a career training solution to help either organizations or individuals make the leap to the next technical age.

a. Individual Training
b. Corporate Training

Individual Training

We provide a value added training curriculum aiming to transform fresh talent into employable and industrial consultants. Our training programs are customized to evolve our customers into professional consultants ready to meet the requirements and challenges faced in the constantly growing market.

Why Tek Associates ?

  • Specialized in Training and partnerships without any diversions
  • Interact with our faculty or speak to our current students before you start the course
  • Training in latest technologies with emphasis on project life cycle development
  • Training modules upgraded on a regular interval to keep pace with the new technologies
  • Training by Team Leads/Managers experienced in delivering project based training
  • Career guidance provided
  • Limited class strength for high level of Trainee-Trainer interaction
  • Flexible batch timings, so, your daily schedules don’t get disturbed


The best way to assure competency through training is to determine what tasks the trainees need to perform in their job, and have them actually perform those tasks during the training. Tek Associates course design and development process begins with a task-orientation focused on creating true competency, and our small class sizes assure that instructors can focus course content to your specific needs creating a personalized career training solution.

Corporate Training

Tek Associates is able to provide you a full suite of education products – including delivered public classroom training. When your class size does not justify a full onsite experience, we will help you determine the courses needed by your staff and handle the registration process for you..

Onsite Instructor-Led Classroom Training

While online courses are rapidly increasing in popularity, Tek Associates recognizes the benefit of classroom training.Tek Associates instructors are specifically trained to meet the needs of the classroom experience through exceptional presentation skills, real world implementation experience and helpful knowledge transfer abilities.

Virtual Classroom Training

Travel costs are becoming a greater part of the education puzzle; however, through new internet technologies your employees can take advantage of learning while sitting at their own desk and interacting with a live instructor.


While Virtual Classroom’s give your employees a mechanism for interaction with a live, experienced instructor, there are times when a self-directed learning experience is better suited for the demands of your business. With eLearning courses, the student learns at their own pace and on their own time schedule.

Subscription Libraries

As a complement to individual eLearning classes, Tek Associates offers eLearning Subscription Libraries. With a subscription library, your employees have access to all eLearning classes in the specific library for 12 months.

Course Development

With our experienced staff, Tek Associates has the knowledge to develop courses that are specific to your industry and company needs.