Leveraging our varied technological expertise, we identify business problems faced by our clients and provide them with a full set of custom solutions starting from conceptualization to implementation and followed up with exceptional support.

Very often, your business needs a specific type of application that is simply not available in the market as a packaged solution. In such cases, the best option is to build a custom solution from scratch that caters specifically to your business scenario and requirements. At Tek Associates , we specialize in delivering custom built solutions for a wide array of domains and customers. Our extensive experience in all phases of the software development life cycle gives us the ability to conceptualize, design, implement and support systems that add value to your organization, have a direct impact on your bottom-line and put you in a better position to serve your customers.

Tek Associates Advantage

Our Personal Focus & Flexibility : Every person and business is unique. We consult with you to determine your personal and professional objectives, and then develop a plan that accomplishes your specific goals. The way we measure our success is very simple: Customer Satisfaction. Interestingly, that’s how our clients measure success, too. In fact, our personal focus has resulted in exceptional retention rates as well as world-class client satisfaction levels.

Our Independence : By understanding your environment and specifications, we apply our knowledge of best practices, technologies, tools and methods to offer an unbiased view of which software and hardware solution is best for your organization. We also have the ability to adapt our global solutions centers to mirror your environment. We know it’s not just about IT; it’s about your IT.

Our Integrity : We base the foundation of our relationships on open communication. We strive for a mutual and accurate understanding of goals, capabilities and expectations. As a result, we achieve a high level of trust and satisfaction with our clients and employees.

Our Expertise : Our ability to design system software and provide skilled IT professionals for organizations who need technical expertise. Since then, we have been recognized as a preferred vendor for over many Fortune 500 companies. Our professionals are among the best in the industry. In fact, we only recruit individuals with in-demand technical skills who also demonstrate a sound understanding of business operations.

Then we go a step further with advanced training programs. Our commitment to continuous education translates to technically superior professionals who approach projects with your ultimate satisfaction as the goal.