We provide a value added training curriculum aiming to transform fresh talent into employable and industrial consultants. Our training programs are customized to evolve our customers into professional consultants ready to meet the requirements and challenges faced in the constantly growing SAP market.

WhyTek Associates ?

  1. Specialized in SAP Training and partnerships without any diversions.
  2. Interact with our faculty or speak to our current students before you start the course.
  3. Training in latest SAP technologies with emphasis on project life cycle development.
  4. Training modules upgraded on a regular interval to keep pace with the new technologies.
  5. Training by Team Leads/Managers experienced in delivering project based training.
  6. Career guidance provided.
  7. Limited class strength for high level of Trainee-Trainer interaction.
  8. Flexible batch timings, so, your daily schedules don’t get disturbed


The best way to assure competency through training is to determine what tasks the trainees need to perform in their job, and have them actually perform those tasks during the training. Tek Associates course design and development process begins with a task-orientation focused on creating true competency, and our small class sizes assure that instructors can focus course content to your specific needs creating a personalized career training solution.